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  • Oct 14 2019
    ... details
  • Oct 4 2019
    MORE The Washington Post Fact checker handed a well-deserved 4 Pinocchios to Adam Schiff this morning for his clearly false claims that his committee did not speak to the whistleblower prior to the complaint being released. The Post didn t mince any words with Schiff s lie: This is flat-out false Schiff simply says the committee had not spoken to the whistleblower. Now we kn... details
  • Oct 1 2019
    RNC Chairwoman: Democrats Have Done Nothing To Help The American People They Represent CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: Democrats want to turn everything in their favor. They ve talk about getting rid of the electoral college, changing the voting age to 16, stacking the Supreme Court and, now, trying to overturn an election through Congress with this ridiculous impeachment inquiry. What I m going to say to Nancy Pelosi is We are coming for these Democrats in districts where President... details
  • Oct 1 2019
    RNC Chairwoman: Dems Never Accepted The President's Election And Our Voters Are Sick And Tired Of It CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: They have never accepted his election. Our voters are sick and tired of it. The American people are sick and tired of it. They send people to Washington to do the work of the American people, and Democrats have investigated, obstructed, resisted. It's just too much. Our fundraising numbers prove it. If they are giving money, they are going to volunteer. T... details
  • Oct 1 2019
    RNC Chairwoman: Calls For Impeaching Trump Are Baseless Fox News Ronna McDaniel September 26, 2019 After all of the Democrats hype and political grandstanding surrounding the whistleblower complaint about President Trump s phone call with the president of Ukraine, we are once again left with what we already knew: their calls for impeachment are baseless. ... What really debunks the Democrats and the media s narrative is what President Trump legitimately asked for: help w... details
  • Oct 1 2019
  • Oct 1 2019
    This ad buy is just the beginning of an all-out fight to defend our democracy and our President. Dozens of House Democrats campaigned on working with President Trump, yet fell in line with Nancy Pelosi and the Socialist Squad in obstructing him. The American people do not support this impeachment charade, and it s going to backfire on them come November 2020. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Watch one of the TV ads here. FAST FACTS: The RNC is spending over $2M high... details