Printable Version - Chairwoman McDaniel: Democrats Have Done Nothing To Help The American People

October 1, 2019




RNC Chairwoman: Democrats Have Done Nothing To Help The American People They Represent

CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: Democrats want to turn everything in their favor. They’ve talk about getting rid of the electoral college, changing the voting age to 16, stacking the Supreme Court and, now, trying to overturn an election through Congress with this ridiculous impeachment inquiry. What I’m going to say to Nancy Pelosi is—We are coming for these Democrats in districts where President Trump won. We are starting an ad campaign. Many of these Democrats said they would not vote for Nancy Pelosi, they lied to their constituents that way. They said they would work with Republicans and now they are backing this phony impeachment inquiry. We’re doing ad campaigns. We’re going to put pressure on these Democrats because we’re going to take back the House, keep the Senate and re-elect this president.
MACCALLUM: Look into your crystal ball here a little bit, do you think that because we’re talking about this battle that is going on in the media, in Washington, all across America over this issue, do you think it ends up being a positive, does it galvanize support on your side?
CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: I think what the Democrats have done overall is a negative for our country. But for Republicans, it has energized our base. We’ve raised over $15 million since this started. We’ve seen massive enthusiasm. Our volunteers are energized, they recognize what the Democrat Party is doing, and I think in the end it's going to help us win the election. But, it's sad for our country, it’s sad to see that Nancy jumped the gun, and sad to see Adam Schiff come out and make a false statement, a fictional opening statement in something as serious as an impeachment inquiry. This is not what the American people want. They want Washington to work for them. President Trump has done that day in and day out and Democrats all they've done is obstruct, resist, and now try to investigate. They have done nothing to help the American people they represent.???????

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