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Fox News: RNC Chairwoman: Calls For Impeaching Trump Are Baseless

Date: October 1, 2019



RNC Chairwoman: Calls For Impeaching Trump Are Baseless
Fox News
Ronna McDaniel
September 26, 2019

"After all of the Democrats’ hype and political grandstanding surrounding the whistleblower complaint about President Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, we are once again left with what we already knew: their calls for impeachment are baseless.
"What really debunks the Democrats and the media’s narrative is what President Trump legitimately asked for: help with the ongoing investigation by the Attorney General into the corrupt origins of the Russia investigation and Ukraine’s involvement in it. Given the Democrats’ obsession with election meddling in 2016, their sudden lack of interest in getting to the bottom of what happened is hypocritical at best...
"As we expected, the Democrats’ baseless claims that President Trump enlisted Ukraine in his reelection efforts were proven false...
"Enlisting foreign nationals to do your dirty work is a page right out of the Democrats’ playbook. Just as the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid for disinformation on President Trump from Russian sources, it was the Democrats asking Ukraine for help to “sabotage Trump” in 2016..."