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HALTED: HB160, Delaware's Assisted Suicide "Death Bill" Pushed Back - Calls and Emails Pour into Legislative Hall

Date: January 25, 2018

I'm standing in the House Chamber in Dover where HB160 was scheduled for a vote. Legislators are reporting back to the Floor now from their caucus meeting. The Assisted Suicide Bill is reportedly off the agenda until March.

LIVE Report from Legislative Hall -- the calls against HB160, the Assisted Suicide "Death Bill" have been coming in all day. The bill was removed from the agenda last minute which may mean there wasn’t enough support to pass it.

This fight is NOT over. This bill can come up again between March 6 -June 30th. As of today, all Republicans are reportedly voting against this Death Bill. 

To ensure it doesn't come up again, there also needs to be at least 6 Democrats who will vote against it. If the bill doesn’t come up between March 6 -June 30th, then it is dead. Rep. Paul Baumbach (if re-elected in November 2018) has to start over with a new bill next January. He will continue to be relentless in his efforts. 

Thank you to everyone who made calls and emailed comments to put this bill on hold! I hope to see you at the Regulation 225 hearing on Jan 31st! Stay tuned for more! 

Life is worth fighting for--Support our work
P.S. NEXT UP: Regulation 225 goes through second round of hearings due to record volume of public comment. Plan to attend the Draft Committee Meeting this Wednesday, Jan 31st, from 6pm-8:15pm in DOVER at Delaware Technical & Community College, Terry Campus in the Education & Technology Building #700.