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Pro-Life Rally Tomorrow - Please Share the News

Date: January 24, 2017
News from State Senator
 Bryant Richardson
 Serving the 21st Senatorial District


Pro-Life Rally Tomorrow - Please Share the News
There will be a Pro-Life Rally this
Wednesday, January 25, at 11 a.m.   
east side of Legislative Hall in Dover.
Speakers will include:
Donna Latteri of Delaware Right to Life,
Bess McIneny RN, 
Jayne Werbrich , RN,
DE Senator Bryant Richardson.
Please pass this notice along on Facebook
and contact your pastor with the notice. 
For details contact
Another Way to Help

A 2017 follow-up Live Action investigation also shows Planned Parenthood didn't report sex traffickers to authorities, as it had claimed.

A new Live Action investigation shows that Planned Parenthood lied to the media after employees were caught on camera attempting to aid and abet sex traffickers prostituting 14- and 15-year-old girls. A former Planned Parenthood manager recently revealed that while the abortion giant claimed in 2011 that it was retraining thousands of staff to identify child sex traffickers, it instead trained them how to identify undercover journalists investigating its facilities.

Live Action also used public records requests to check the abortion chain's claim that it had reported the suspected sex traffickers to authorities. The responses from law enforcement show that Planned Parenthood failed repeatedly to report the suspected crimes to local police departments, state police, or even child protective services.

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