Eastern Sussex Republican Club

Date: January 28, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

MEETING - Monday, January 28th

The Hampton Inn

18826 Hwy 1 Rehoboth


This meeting should be a great start for the new year with our guest speaker Representative Steve Smyk of the 20th Representative District. We hope you can attend.


We Are Honored To Have As Guest Speaker
Representative Steve Smyk
20th Representative District


Save the Date:
Lincoln Day Dinner- Saturday February 23rd- 5:30 Pm
Lewes Yacht Club-2701 Cedar Street
Jean Ardis is preparing the email & mail invitations. However if you would like to make a reservation ahead of time the cost is $50
per person. Please email Jean @ jeardis@verizon.net to confirm & prepare your check written out to: ESRC. Mail check to:
Pat Matero
33189 Cherry Court

Where Do We Go From Here!


The winter greeted us with the stark realization that President Obama will be with us for another four years. He continues to
pursue a tightening grip on all in concert with his surrogates in the Democratic Party. They would have you believe that control of
the nation’s destiny or Delaware control is in their hands and only they will determine the outcome of the future. They are very
good at deflecting focus on the real issues that confront us.
So what do we do? Frankly, the best thing all of us can do is to become involved. It can no longer fall on the few to propose
constructive opposition. It is now in the hands of the many. For only after we get overwhelming support for our positions will they
and their surrogates understand that there is true opposition to their agenda.
The club has made a decision to help you become a participant in voicing your concerns. Our goal is to gather input from each of
you on a particular issue and present that to each of our Representatives and Senators. This will enable us to monitor their
performance and influence the ultimate outcome of a bill or issue. But for this to be a successful effort we need participants.
Please try to attend the meetings and bring a guest with you. We need to continue to build the club as a voice for constructive
solutions to the madness coming out of Washington and Dover! We hope to see you at this month’s meeting.
Thank You,
ESRC Executive Committee

RSVP Meeting: Call Tony Matero @ 947-0720 or e-mail us at easternsuxrepcl@yahoo.com


Please renew your membership
Annual Dues: $10 - Mail your check to Bob Clark 20890 Wil King Rd, Lewes, DE 19958 , or give to him at the meeting.