Chairman’s Welcome

Welcome to the Sussex County Republican Party. Since the creation of our Sussex County GOP in 1856, our citizens have advanced good government through good candidates. 

Our County government was established in its current form in 1974. Since that time there have been NO tax increases and NO real estate revaluations.

Local school funding has been in place since the innovative system was created by Republican Governor “Pete” DuPont. Governor Du Pont’s budget accords with the legislature remain to this day the “Delaware” way of keeping spending under control.

The results are clear!

* Our County has become a place where people want to live, work, raise a family and retire. It is no mere coincidence that the desirability of Sussex County living has grown with the strength of Republicanism. Efficient, honest and responsive government has been the hallmark of our elected officials.

* Together, our Republican elected officials at every level of government, are committed to forward looking solutions while serving citizen’s needs with responsible spending.

We invite you to join our Party today.

By registering as a Republican, you join the effort to keep government power small and the power of each individual paramount in our County and State.

Please come to our web site to learn more about our party, local issues, local office holders and upcoming scheduled events.  Our website is

On this website, we invite you to learn more about your neighbors who serve on the Republican Committee, about our principles and about our extraordinary candidates and elected Republicans. We welcome your involvement and feedback as a Republican in Sussex County.

We also invite you to attend our County Executive Committee meetings.  These meetings are open to the general public, The committee numbers about 80 at this moment but we have room for more members in each district.

For voter information, including voter registration, presidential primary information, voting locations, volunteer opportunities and information regarding real issues in your life, please either call our GOP Headquarters at 302 856-6323 or my personal cell at 302 344-4639.

Billy Carroll, Chairman

Sussex County Republican Committee

East Market Street P.O. Box 388 Georgetown, DE 19947

(302) 856-6323  (302) 856-6415 (fax)



We have many ways for the members of our party to volunteer to help us throughout the year.


Headquarters staffing 

Our headquarters in Georgetown, DE, our County seat, has been in place for well over 30 years.  Several years ago Sally and Bill Duveneck of Milton, DE performed an extensive interior renovation.  The heating and cooling system was updated.  We now staff the office on East Market street Monday through Friday.  We are in constant need for more volunteers.  If you can dedicate three to four hours on a weekday call or visit our headquarters.


Executive Committee

Our next meeting is Monday, September 11th at the Cheer Center, Georgetown, DE

The Sussex County Republican Party is organized into nine (9) Representative Districts (RD) and each RD has between seven (7) and eleven (11) Election Districts (ED).  Each election district has its own polling place.  We currently have some openings for Election District Chairman position.


14th RD State Representative is currently held by a Democrat our RD Chair is Laurie Purdy

20th RD is represented in the State legislature by Rep Steve Smyk (R) our RD chair is former State Party Chairman Nelly Jordan .

35th RDis represented in the State Legislature by Rep Dave Wilson (R) our RD chair is Armand Carreau .

36th RDis represented in the State Legislature by Rep Harvey Kenton (R) our RD chair is Trish Dunlap

37th RD is represented in the State Legislature by Rep Ruth Briggs-King (R) our RD chair is Stan King

38th RD is represented in the State Legislature by Rep Ron Gray (R) our RD chair is Bob Lawless

39th RD is represented in the State Legislature by Rep Danny Short (R) The Minority Leader our RD chair is open. Contact

40th RD is represented in the State Legislature Rep Tim Dukes (R) our RD chair is open contact Fred Sponseller

41st RD is represented by Rep Rich Collins (R) our RD chair is Matt Revel contact


In addition to our State Reps listed above, we are represented in the State Senate by The Following State officials:

Senator Gary Simpson (R) Minority Leader

Senator Ernie Lopez (R)

Senator Brian Pettyjohn (R)

Senator Bryant Richardson (R)

Senator Gerald Hocker (R)


More elected officials…


On the County level, we are represented on the County Council by the following Republicans:


District One Michael H Vincent

District Two Sam Wilson

District Three I G Burton

District Four George Cole

District Five Robert Arlett


We also have elected the following County officials:


Clerk of the Peace Jay Jones

Register of Wills Cindy Green

Register of Deeds Scott Dailey

County Sheriff Robert Lee


Billy Carroll, Chairman