Welcome to the inaugural issue of our e-newsletter.  Since assuming the Chairmanship role after the resignation of Billy Carroll late last year, I have made improving communication a high priority.  This vehicle is one of the means we will use to help us inform, connect and mobilize Republicans here in Sussex County.


While such an effort is important every year, it is vital in this, the last election year before re-districting—yes it has been almost ten years since the last re-districting. In 2016, for the first time in memory, there were more registered Republicans than Democrats in Sussex County!  We must continue the outreach effort and build on this majority to help offset the even larger reverse numbers upstate.   


We have been blessed with a great number of very competent incumbent office holders at all levels of our government, and the life we enjoy here is largely a reflection of the their hard work and principled stands on the issues.  These incumbents are strong candidates, and most of them will be defending their positions.  While the picture is not completely clear right now, they will be joined by talented new candidates, and it looks like we will contest every race. 


We cannot allow ourselves to get over-confident.  Governor Carney, and the Democrat party, have publicly stated it is their intention to return Sussex County to Democrat control, and that they will spend whatever resources are needed to do so.  We all must acknowledge that this year, there is no such thing as a ”safe seat”, then roll up our sleeves and get  to work.  It is less than 10 months to Election Day!


Finally, I would be remiss if I did not recognize and thank the Communication Committee Chair, Sandra Fennell, and the Committee:     Their hard work and creativity made this newsletter a reality.

 Don Petitmermet






GEORGETOWN OFFICE IS OPEN:   MON. and TUE. 10:30-2     THUR. 1-4

Volunteers needed. Call office 302 856-6323


14th RD State Representative is currently held by a Democrat our RD Chair is Laurie Purdy

20th RD is represented in the State legislature by Rep Steve Smyk (R) our RD chair is Tom Jordan 

35th RDis represented in the State Legislature by Rep Dave Wilson (R) our RD chair is Armand Carreau .

36th RDis represented in the State Legislature by Rep Harvey Kenton (R) our RD chair is Trish Dunlap

37th RD is represented in the State Legislature by Rep Ruth Briggs-King (R) our RD chair is Stan King

38th RD is represented in the State Legislature by Rep Ron Gray (R) our RD chair is Bob Lawless

39th RD is represented in the State Legislature by Rep Danny Short (R) The Minority Leader our RD is Ralph Scott

40th RD is represented in the State Legislature Rep Tim Dukes (R) our RD chair is open contact Fred Sponseller

41st RD is represented by Rep Rich Collins (R) our RD chair is Matt Revel contact


In addition to our State Reps listed above, we are represented in the State Senate by The Following State officials:

Senator Gary Simpson (R) Minority Leader

Senator Ernie Lopez (R)

Senator Brian Pettyjohn (R)

Senator Bryant Richardson (R)

Senator Gerald Hocker (R)


More elected officials…


On the County level, we are represented on the County Council by the following Republicans:


District One Michael H Vincent

District Two Sam Wilson

District Three I G Burton

District Four George Cole

District Five Robert Arlett


We also have elected the following County officials:


Clerk of the Peace Jay Jones

Register of Wills Cindy Green

Register of Deeds Scott Dailey

County Sheriff Robert Lee