We support preventive health care (take care of yourself) instead of constant ongoing sick care (Obama care)


We believe a strong mind and body is preferrable to groupthink (Liberalthink)
We believe in self-reliance, hard work and the freedom to choose your own path in life.
Freedom is not free - it comes with responsibilities - embrace that!
Your GOD-GIVEN right to choose is being take away from you - we're fighting for you to keep your rights.
The Constitution and the BIll of Rights - the only legal documents I need.
We believe in legal immigration and embrace diversity as long as it doesn't entail giving up our individual rights.
We believe that personal accountability and responsibility is preferrable to "free" healthcare

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Sussex County Delaware GOP


Results of the Sussex County Republican Yard Sale May 13 & 14

1. We had many helpers--most from the 41st! The Vara's, Lucas's, Dee Jordan, and Carole Andrejko. Even though everyone was aching or sick from two  weeks of rain!

2. We had only 4 donators (in addition to the Helpers) --Jordan Warfel & wife, RD Fred Sponseller, Linda Creasy, Jean Ardis, Miguel Fabar and one non-ED, Larry Allen & Janet. That meant we could not really fill the barn.

3. We had about 200 buyers come, most on Friday Morning. Only 3 were ED's.

 Many of the the non-ED's were very enthusiastic R's!!! Some Trump signs/pins  sold.

4. We overcame the location difficulty with signs, phone numbers and directions  in the ads.

5. Brian Pettyjohn responded to our email announcment to elected R's and sent  two people who donated and bought.

6. Importantly, we must thank Bill & Sally "Ms Organized/Do-It-Now" Duveneck. They really invested in this Fund Raiser with their time, money and property. They are remarkable.

7. Lastly, & most important, we were blest by good weather/no rain on both mornings! Amazing grace.

8. We will be depositing  $865 with the Treasurer soon. 


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On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court announced its controversial Roe v Wade decision.  However, instead of settling the issue, the decision launched over 40 years of controversy.

Indeed, this year’s March For Life on Friday, on January 22nd resulted in hundreds of thousands of protestors being stranded by the recent blizzard, Jonas.  Besides the 250,000 marchers who were coming to hear the featured speaker, Carly Fiorina, there were satellite marches held throughout the United States.

Critics state that people who continue their 40+ years of opposition to Planned Parenthood is merely an exercise in futility.  They state that if Roe v. Wade is reversed the result will simply be a throwback to a time when women were being subjected to unsanitary procedures, in “back alley” facilities.  They have ranted that women will risk being maimed and left sterile from botched procedures, and ultimately, will include the death of many women.

The critics were right.  Carly Fiorina and the men and women who continued to protest the Roe v Wade decision saw the worst nightmare come true here in Delaware in 2011.  In that year Delawareans learned that clinics that received referrals from Planned Parenthood of Delaware were indeed worse than anything that existed before Roe v Wade.

Planned Parenthood of Delaware, despite denials, referred women to clinics out of state that featured operating rooms that had feral cats roaming freely, unlicensed medical students and nurses performing abortions, unsanitary and uncaring personnel, etc, etc.  Several nurses, unlicensed “Doctors”, and one Physician are serving time in prison. 

We resent the use of our tax dollars being used to perpetuate such a horror.

The Sussex County Republican Committee therefore is on record with the attached Resolution regarding funding Planned Parenthood.

Please Click here for Resolution >>  SUSSEX COUNTY 2016 PROPOSED PLANNED PARENTHOOD Resolution

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Sussex County GOP Executive Committee meetings are held at the Sussex County Cheer Center, 20520 Sand Hill Road, Georgetown on the 2nd Monday of the month.  

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