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We believe in self-reliance, hard work and the freedom to choose your own path in life.
Freedom is not free - it comes with responsibilities - embrace that!
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The Constitution and the BIll of Rights - the only legal documents I need.
We believe in legal immigration and embrace diversity as long as it doesn't entail giving up our individual rights.
We believe that personal accountability and responsibility is preferrable to "free" healthcare

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Sussex County Delaware GOP

Urgent  From Senator Bryant Richardson
House Hearing on Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 5

Below is the talk I gave during the House Health & Human Development Committee hearing on May 17. Those testifying were limited to two minutes. I had to condense the talk I had prepared to fit into that time frame. 


Delaware is acting hastily and without regard to either the rights of the unborn or the safety of the mother that was addressed in the 2007 U.S. Supreme Court decision of Gonzales v. Carhart.


Senator Bryant Richardson



House Hearing talk of 5-16-17

State Senator Brian Townsend fast-tracked a bill through the Senate that he says brings Delaware’s code up to date on abortion rights. 

He points to the fact that Delaware’s 1953 law regarding abortion was rendered unconstitutional after the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. 

Delaware’s 1953 law limited abortion to the first  20 weeks of gestation. 

Townsend’s Senate Bill extends the time when abortions are allowed up to the point of “viability.” When does this occur? Here is what the bill says:


“Viability” means the point in a pregnancy when, in a physician’s good faith medical judgment based on the factors of a patient’s case, there is a reasonable likelihood of the fetus’s sustained survival outside the uterus without the application of extraordinary medical measures.


In many other circumstances we can trust the “physician’s good faith medical judgment,” and I have high regard for physicians in our local communities. 

But (as in any profession) not every single doctor is of high moral character. For example abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia is serving life in prison for murdering infants who were born alive during abortion procedures.

Just three days after SB 5 passed in the Senate, Dr. Larry Glazerman of Planned Parenthood  botched an abortion, sending a young woman to the hospital.  Instead of calling an ambulance, the Planned Parenthood staff escorted the patient into a private vehicle for the trip to the emergency room.

Glazerman is the same abortionist who testified a week earlier on behalf of SB 5 saying that even if a woman carries a baby to term the fetus may still not be viable.


I believe legislators have a responsibility to set the parameters under which “good faith” and “not so good faith doctors” are accountable, so that those who do not act in good faith are not allowed to continue to practice and harm women.

The standard I suggest we adopt is the point at which the infant can experience pain. Recent studies reveal that this is at 20 weeks of gestation.


Supreme Court decisions since Roe v. Wade emphasize the rights of states to assure women are making "informed" decisions about abortion. Does anyone believe an abortionist is best qualified to assure these rights are being upheld? 

SB 5 is being fast-tracked through the legislative process as though the risks to women's rights were imminent. This is far from the truth. Our lawmakers are being coached by those who are profiting from abortions. They are saying to lawmakers that you should not be regulating us in any way.

     Responsible lawmakers should not allow themselves to be used.


Senator Robert Marshall said (and I agree) that there was no need to rush through such an important piece of legislation, that we should have been given time to carefully consider what was included in the bill before voting. His request was ignored.

The more I think about the testimony of Senator Townsend's witnesses on the floor of the Senate and during the hearing, the more upset I become. 

Among their misstatements are these two examples:

• The unborn does not feel pain until the 30th week of gestation. (I brought with me 60 studies that dispute that claim.)

• Abortions do not increase the risk of breast cancer. Extensive studies show otherwise.

Those who are so careless with the truth must not be trusted to make decisions that are in the best interests of women and the unborn. SB 5 allows those who profit from abortions to make decisions about when abortions may be allowed. 


We have to ask ourselves: When in the development of a human being can we no longer call abortion simply a medical procedure and call it what it is: infanticide? 


My hope is House members will see that SB 5 at the very least should be amended to protect women from unethical abortion practices and protect the unborn when they are capable of feeling pain.



Celebrating our Heroes for Military Appreciation Month



The next meeting of the Sussex Coun
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ttee will
be held on Monday, April 10
, at 6:30 pm at the Cheer Center in
The Guest Speaker topic will be
Legalization of Marijuana in Delaware.
eaking in favor
ll co
sponsor Sen. Colin Bonini
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Rep. Ruth Briggs King
Time will be
for Q&A and feedback.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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